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Stop wasting time & money on the wrong digital marketing strategy.

  • Overcome your fear of social media embarrassment

    Get mindset and practical strategies to stand out online with confidence.

  • Convert followers into pay days

    Learn and choose from 25 tactics to engage with potential customers with a purpose and take them on a journey to discover the value you provide.

  • Attract the perfect customers

    Craft a brand and brand message that connect you to the hearts of your customers. Learn copywriting skills for social media posts, emails, landing page and more.

  • Create content that gets noticed

    Create a content plan framework once and use it multiple times. Learn how to recycle your content to save time.

  • Get strategies for your biz

    Put all the skills you learn together into a strategy to fuel your sales goals with the leads it needs.

  • Maximise any budget

    From a $0 to $5000 per month budget, all have room for improvement. Learn how to create the right budget for your goals.

  • Cut through the clutter

    Learn only what you need and how to choose the right path for your biz. Use the toolkit to keep it all organised.

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4 ways to empower and equip you.

Online Courses

Self-paced Training

Get step-by-step instructions to kickstart or boost your online presence. All online courses come with group coaching and/or a Facebook community where you have access to Jacque Elias, our instructor and coach.

Virtual Workshops

Live Team Training

Get your digital marketing team effective online. Each member will get trained for their role to make sure they work together to get more leads and make more sales online. No need for everyone to be in the same place, we'll meet up on Zoom for one or several workshops.

One-on-one Coaching

Customised to You

Get coaching to move to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, you'll get the right strategy for your biz and step-by-step guidance to implement it.


Motivation & Skills

Combine energy, encouragement and digital marketing and you get Jacque Elias. Your audience will move past their emotional and mental roadblocks, so they can implement the digital marketing skills being taught.

Some of the results our entrepreneurs have received.

6x Industry Average

The industry average of .56% CTR has been smashed several months in a row using the strategies taught in the online courses and coaching. 


An actual client has received CTRs in the 3%-4% regularly.

2x Global Average

Watch out world. Your average of 3.22% engagement on a post is nothing compared to 6.40% that an actual client received.


Jacque Elias

Our Digital Marketing Coach & Trainer

"Let's be bold and grow together!"

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