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How To Create More Engaging Content Quickly WITHOUT BEING CREATIVE

10 Ways to Save Time When Creating Engaging Content

Dear Friend,

If you want engaging content that captures your audience’s hearts and wallets, but you don’t want to spend hours each day creating it OR you don't think you're creative, this is the most important mini-course you’ll ever watch.


But first a warning – Before we go further, none of the 10 ways give you a way to create awesome content without doing any work.


Here’s the deal


The 10 strategies I’ve outlined in this mini-course are working for me, and I think it will work for you too. But I’m not suggesting that everyone or anyone who watches it is going to create engaging content quickly without putting in any work.


I can’t guarantee any results. I don’t know how much time people will save. It’s likely that many will save little or no time, especially if they don’t work hard and implement the strategies.


With that understood, let me tell you exactly what you’re getting.


First of all this is not like any other mini-course you’ve attended, because after you learn the strategy, I’ll give you exactly what to do so you can start implementing the strategy immediately.


It's About MORE Than Just Content Creation

Because I use these 10 strategies regularly to create content, I'm active daily on social media. Each week I create content for Facebook pages, Stories, groups and ads, Instagram posts, IG tv, blogs, lives, and video series.


My Facebook page engagement rate for my last 3 posts (of me writing this) is an average of 10%...compared to the average of 0.09% across all industries. THAT’S AN ENGAGEMENT RATE OF 991% HIGHER THAN THE AVERAGE. 🤯



Of course engagement rate varies a lot, but you can see how using the strategies works for me.



Creating all this content doesn't slow me down! I'm more efficient with my time, so I still have time to:

  • lead two businesses as CEO,
  • network with biz connections, 
  • coach entrepreneurs,
  • create this and other online courses,
  • raise four children half-time
  • volunteer at my church and in the community,
  • workout to keep my body healthy
  • go on date nights with my husband
  • hang out with my friends, and 
  • clean my house (I hate this bit 😄)

AND my businesses are growing! Each week I get more opt-ins, likes, comments, group members, followers, and messages from potential leads, clients, and referral partners WITHOUT PAYING FOR ADS.


I'm creating more content than ever and my businesses are growing faster too!





Here's a fraction of what you'll get

  • 10 video tutorials (3-10 min each) that are actionable within minutes of me teaching them to you

  • How to design images and graphics without being creative - videos 6 & 7 

  • How to create a library of content on-the-go - video 4

  • The surprising places to get ideas for topics for your content - videos 1 & 2 

  • How to decide on design choices and give a consistent message - video 3

  • How to get yourself unstuck when you can't think of ideas - videos 4 & 8

  • How to stop reinventing and start being inspired - video 6

  • Which tech tools to use that aren't hard to learn - videos 6, 7 & 10

  • How to make more videos by doing less - video 5

  • How to find the content you've been ignoring - video 4

  • How to stop guessing and start planning for success - video 8

  • Strategies for doing it yourself and outsourcing - video 9

Yes, you'll be learning lots, but it gets better because you're also getting...

  • How I created 17 Stories in one day while running two businesses AND resulted in a $500 sale 

  • A look at the same content framework I use in my nearly $500k business

  • A chance to get one-on-one coaching for individualized guidance and support

  • Access to me for any questions you have in your content creation journey

  • A Facebook support group to get more content creation ideas from other content creators

  • Access to the tutorial videos for your reference whenever you need a refresher

    Here's what to do next

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    A total of 11 videos including the welcome


    That simple!


    Plus, I’m giving you a 7-day money back guarantee. If you hate the mini-course and you let me know in writing in the next 7-days after purchase, I’ll give you your money back.


    How’s that for fair?


    So get started on this mini-course today!


    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

          Jacque Elias


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